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Friday 28th November 2014 - 06:43:10 AM

12 Days of Christmas - Acai Super Food Bowl plus 11 more

To help this Christmas not only be delicious but also healthy Juels Pellow from Metamorph Health and Fitness is supply us with a recipe cheat sheet for the 12 Days of Christmas. 12 Recipes to make this Christmas delicious and guilt free. Read more >
Tuesday 14th October 2014 - 02:23:51 PM

Come With Us To Church Locations

Come with us to church is on again and you’re invited. Come along and meet the Crew from Radio1073. Here are the locations... Read more >
Tuesday 30th September 2014 - 10:42:04 AM

‘I’m A Change Monster!’ says Juice1073′s Luke Holt

Anyone who knows Juice1073 breakfast announcer Luke Holt knows to expect the unexpected. His unpredictable nature drives a lot of the fun he shares with everyone at breakfast. Read more >
Tuesday 9th September 2014 - 01:10:00 PM

Who Was The Diamond Boulevard Winner?

Juice1073′s great prize promotion with sponsor DIAMOND BOULEVARD to win a $15,000 1 Carat Diamond reached its climax on Luke and Susie’s Breakfast Show. Who was the lucky winner? Read more >
Tuesday 9th September 2014 - 12:13:00 PM

Miracles Day 2014 Wrap Up

CBM’s annual Miracles Day in August saw Juice1073 listeners give the gift of vision to over 500 people. That made the Gold Coast the leading regional centre raising donations for cataract operations to restore sight – and life – to some of the poorest people in the world. Read more >
Sunday 25th May 2014 - 08:54:00 PM

Cam and Ruthie

Two incredible people join us on the drive home. Cam is a father of three (including a new born less than a fortnight old when the show started) and married to Erin. Ruthie has been married to Michael for a year now and is totes still in cray cray ridicky love. Get to know Ruthie and you will understand what on earth that means. Read more >
Monday 14th April 2014 - 02:01:00 PM

Come With Us To Church

We had a great time at church earlier in the year so it's back! Come With Us To Church is starting again later in September 2014. Read more >
Monday 14th April 2014 - 12:48:00 PM

Dad - where will we sleep tonight?

"Dad, where are we sleeping tonight?" Picture yourself fighting through school traffic... on your way to pick up your 7 kids from school... and trying to work out how to tell them you have nowhere for them to sleep tonight. We crossed paths with Neil and his family who found themselves in exactly that position recently... Read more >

Juice Music Taste Tester

Have a chance to WIN movie tickets. Tell us what you think of the music. Dislike? Love? Really Love? Start filling out the survey now and make sure you complete it to go in the draw when we have a movie ticket giveaway! Read more >