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You’ll be hearing some new voices on Juice1073 over the coming months as we introduce some of our local Pastors on air in a new series of short segments.

We love what local churches do for our community, and this is one of several initiatives we will launch this year to help people to connect with their local church through Juice1073. One of our first Pastors to join us on air is Andy Kirk from Calvary Christian Church.

A bit about Andy

Andy Kirk along with his wife Christie are both the Gold Coast Campus Pastors for Calvary Christian Church. They have lived and served in various church roles for many years. They are also National Directors for ACCkids which is the Children’s Ministry Department for the Australian Christian

Churches Denomination. They have three children, Ryan, Cooper and Oliver and are both passionate about empowering and equipping people to live out all they were created to do.

A little about Calvary

Calvary Christian Church is Pastored by James and Samantha Macpherson and is one church meeting in multiple locations (currently 7). We believe that church should be Real Simple and make it our mission to Love God, Care for One Another and Serve our World.

Why you made the spots

Many years ago while working in a local Primary School I was teaching a small group of students who had disengaged from learning. The class focused around life skills and small lessons that I thought, if captured, could help more people. I recorded them first with children and youth in mind but have found they connect with all age groups.

What’s your heart for a) our city; and b) the church

The vision for Calvary on the Gold Coast is to see more people experience the love of Jesus. We will often say in a service in one of our locations each week that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you have been or what you have done, Jesus will still love you.
This openness into our faith community is coupled with our desire to not just have a ‘Come as you are’ mantra but also a ‘Don’t stay as you are’. What we mean by this is that we believe every person has a purpose and a plan for their life and we would love to just help each person take the next step whatever that looks like.

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