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Kings Christian College

At King’s, we place an emphasis on selecting staff who are committed to honouring God through their gifts and talents, and who have a passion to help young people succeed. Our aim is to complement the role of parents by providing a school environment that is safe, encouraging and promotes excellence. It is our experience that when this is achieved, success will automatically follow.

Over the years, our students have done remarkably well in all areas of school endeavours. Academic, cultural and sporting accomplishments have far exceeded what would be considered normal for the State of Queensland. While we know that not every student can be a star performer, we believe that everyone can become an honourable person of good character. This is the vision of King’s. We recognise that God has endowed every person with special talents and is capable of growing into the person He has created them to be.

38 Anzac Avenue
Logan Village QLD 4133

Phone: (07) 5587 7680

Email: [email protected]