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Chocolate & Cinnamon Chia Bowl

This healthy breakfast will have you thinking that you’re eating dessert for brekky and will keep you sustained until lunch. It’s rich in Omega 3 fats, dietary fibre, protein and packed with a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Overcoming the Heartaches of Life

Sheri Rose Shepherd, a young beauty pageant winner, was addicted to approval, and needed it in order to feel beautiful. Yet she felt ugly inside. Hear her story of hope and healing.

Give Thanks in Everything?

Everything? Even the bad things? That seems completely unrealistic and unfair. That’s what I thought, until a near tragedy changed everything.

Egg Substitutes

It can be a challenge to find an egg replacement that isn’t a powdered processed product that comes in a package or plastic container. Each of these substitutes is equivalent to 1 egg.

Let Your Yes Be Yes and Your No Be No

I feel like we are in an ongoing state of perpetual cancellations. What is this phenomenon that allows us to be so careless with our commitments? We need to be better guardians of our time and place value on the people we commit to.

Cashew Chicken

My recipe of cashew chicken is an economical and tasty meal that’s nutritious and will suit the whole family!

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

We are the options generation. Most of us can pursue any career we wish and live almost any lifestyle. We can want too much, be pulled in too many directions as a result, and lack clarity of mind and purpose.

Zucchini Breakfast Muffins

These no-fuss breakfast muffins have a lovely light texture and you can even make extra to keep in the fridge for snacks or school lunch boxes. The fussiest eater will love these!