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Winning Your Kids’ Hearts Starts At Home

No matter how many degrees I’ve earned, sermons I’ve preached, or seminars I’ve taught, nothing matters more to me than winning the hearts of my children.

It’s Time to Stop Smacking

Depending on which research you read, about 70-80% of Aussie parents admit to smacking their kids. Some do so quite proudly. Are those who champion smacking onto something or is it doing more harm than good?

How To Help Teenagers Navigate Our Secular Culture

This book review of The Frog and The Fish, written for late high schoolers, helps them explore the issues teenagers have always had to deal with: sex, happiness, identity and most recently, technology.

Playing It Safe May Be the Biggest Risk of All

Our sanitised, “keep them safe at all costs” approach to outdoor play is affecting our children’s natural desire for exploration, and impacting their ability to manage risk and all that goes with it.