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Community Service Announcements

We’re big believers in some of the amazing things passionate people are doing to make our city a better place. If you have an event or program that would be of interest to our listeners, we may be able to help you get your message out.

If you have a community event you’d like to promote, see terms and conditions below and send us an email! Remember to include relevant information like the date, time, location, cost and a link for more information.


Does my event or organisation qualify for CSA’s on Juice1073?

Your community event or organisation may be considered for CSA airtime if

1) it is operated on a non-profit basis

2) it is of relevance to a significant portion of Juice1073 listeners

3) it complies with relevant community radio guidelines, and Juice1073’s broadcasting guidelines

When should I submit my application for CSA airtime?

It is always best to get your application in as early as possible, and no less than 3 weeks before you want your announcement to go to air. We receive a high volume of requests for CSA airtime, so getting your application in early will ensure that your announcement is considered before the available space is fully booked.

What happens once I’ve submitted this form?

If your CSA application is approved, you will receive an email or phone call from our team to confirm details.

While we aim to provide as much support as possible, it is important to note that we cannot guarantee approval or availability of airtime – particularly in periods of high demand for CSA airtime. We WILL review your submission though, and we WILL contact you if your application is approved. Feel free to follow up by calling us on 5571 0738 if you have not heard back within a few days.

What options are there for my CSA if it’s approved?

The three types of CSA’s we provide are either interviews (our announcers promoting your event on-air via in-studio or phone chat), pre-recorded 30 second announcements, or featured on our website community noticeboard or events calendar.

While interviews can be a great option for some events, generally you are more likely to get more airtime with a pre-recorded 30 second announcement.

In the case of a pre-recorded announcement, you may opt to

a) provide your own pre-produced 30sec announcement that we will assess for suitability (must be broadcast quality and we reserve the right not to broadcast if not deemed suitable);  OR

b) request Juice1073 to produce a 30sec announcement for you. There is a charge for this to cover the costs incurred for professional scripting, voicing and production, but your announcement will be automatically approved for airplay and we will provide you with a copy to use as you wish. (This charge is currently approx $120)

How much airtime will my CSA receive?

This will vary depending on the current level of demand for CSA airtime, and the amount of other programming content that we have committed to run over the period of your campaign. If you require guaranteed airtime and exposure for your event to succeed, we suggest considering a sponsorship package – email or call the station on (07) 5571 0738 and ask to speak to a Strategy & Partnerships Manager.