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Dear friend, within just a matter of months (weeks, really) – no later than July 31 – we’ll be out of our current location and, hopefully, in a permanent new home.
We’ve known that this day would eventually come. But I must be honest and say that the timing has caught us a little by surprise. How good it is, then, to know that God is in control, and to know that we have no need to worry or be anxious.
Still, I am very aware of what lies ahead – securing our new home, building new offices and studios, setting up broadcasting equipment, and all of that, ideally, before we even move out of our current location.
I’m also very aware of the cost of the move – at least $100,000 to construct the broadcast, production and podcast studios, install new digital equipment, replace tired and worn-out equipment, and…(the list goes on).
Which is why we’re running a special one-day appeal on Tuesday, 30th March.

I want to help

I am constantly amazed (although I shouldn’t be) at the stream of stories we receive from listeners of how Juice has impacted their lives for good, sometimes dramatically. I am humbled at these stories … all we do is broadcast the simple message of hope and connection. It’s what the Lord does with this simple message is what is astounding.

We believe it’s crucial to keep your Juice1073 feeling like home … bringing joy and hope to families on the Gold Coast, each and every day. But we will only get it done if we do it together … that‘s why it’s important that you have the opportunity to be part of it, and your part is critical.

For Juice1073, there really is no place like home.

Our new home will provide permanency, stability and security at a time when listeners are looking to us to provide a similar sense of security and stability. Just like home, Juice1073 will continue to be a safe place for people to turn to, at any time, no matter what – a place where thousands of people can know that they are valued, have intrinsic worth, and are loved.

Plus, a new home allows Juice1073 to create a physical space that invites collaboration with other ministries, organisations and churches, working together to identify needs within the broader Gold Coast community and undertake joint projects to meet those needs.

I’m genuinely excited by the possibilities and opportunities that are ahead of us.

Please take the step right now.

I would like to contribute

Will you give your best gift to the Juice1073 appeal to help us move to a new home?

It’ll take just a few moments from your day, but your simple act of generosity right now will be all it takes to BRING HOPE to someone today.

On behalf of that person, thank you!

 Your partner in this work,

Ken Pridmore, CEO

Your donation to Juice1073 is tax deductible

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