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Envoy: Shark Cull: Are Sharks the Real Issue? [Movie Review]

By Micaela Aboody

Scary, deadly and killer are words we may think of when ‘shark’ is mentioned, however in Andre Borell’s documentary Envoy: Shark Cull we are shown a very different side to them.

The documentary delves into the unfamiliar topic of shark safety programs in various locations along the Queensland and News South Wales coastlines. Being scientifically proven to be ineffective in protecting surfers and swimmers these shark nets and baited drum-lines are negatively impacting marine ecosystems, including our very own Great Barrier Reef.

Photo: Heritage Films

Narrated by Australian actor, Eric Bana, the film interviews Marine Biologists and Ocean Conservationists such as Madison Stewart, Ocean Ramsey, Sea Shepherd and Professional World Champion Surfer Layne Beachley who give their broad knowledge on this topic and how sharks can positively impact the ecosystem.

Andre Borell additionally has shark attack survivor, Paul De Gelder, tell his incredible story of survival as well as Micah Lester, friend of a young surfer who was killed in 1992 when he was tangled up in a drum-line that had been washed in by the ocean current.

Through amazing cinematography Envoy: Shark Cull takes us beneath the surface bringing us up close and personal with the vast variety of marine life including turtles, whales and dolphins that unfortunately become victim to these shark nets.

Photo: Heritage Films

In an interview (below) Andre Borell explains how he became interested in the marine life through Scuba Diving and growing up by the beach.

“A natural by product of diving and being aware of the environment down there, you start to learn these issues that that environment might face and one of them, that I was completely shocked about, was shark nets and drum-lines,” he said.

Envoy: Shark Cull is in cinemas July 21-25. Tickets on sale now. Go to EnvoyFilm for ticketing ad cinema information.

Watch the Trailer

Listen to the full interview with Director Andre Borell below:

Photo: Heritage Films

About the Author: Micaela is a Freelance Writer and a Journalism graduate. Find more of her work at Scribble About It.

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