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Fri-Yay Live: Georgia and Will Hoareau

By Micaela Aboody

TLDR: Elerrina and Jodie had Georgia Hoareau back in the studio to perform her newly released single “17” along with her brother Will.

Georgia has been on the show with Elerrina and Jodie before, but not for a long time and she shared what she’s been up to.

“I’ve had a few gigs here and there and I’ve been recording a few things,” Georgia said.

Turning 18 this weekend, Jodie asked how she got into music at such a young age.

“My family is really musical, my dad loves music and my brother is studying music and wants to be a muso and it kind of naturally happened,” she said.

Photo (L to R): Will, Georgia, Jodie and Elerrina

Georgia has released a new single called ’17’ and explains she began writing it last year on her 17th birthday.

“It came from when your younger and looking up to older teenagers and you’ve got so many expectations and once you get there it’s not all you thought it was,” she said.

Formally in a duo, Georgia has recently gone out on her own.

“I write a lot of songs and I write songs by myself and for myself. I just thought it was really important to represent myself in my own music,” Georgia said.

You can follow her on Instragam – Georgia Hoareau music.

Listen Below:

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