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Fri-Yay Live: India Dupriez and her new Single ‘Pray’

By Micaela Aboody

TLDR: India Dupriez joined Elerrina and Jodie in the studio to perform and talk about her new song ‘Pray’.

India Dupriez joined Elerrina and Jodie back in the studio to talk all about her new single Pray and what’s been happening since she last visited them.

“What’s been going on since we saw you last?” Elerrina asked.

“I’ve had this crazy release with my new song Pray... I’ve just been working really hard and getting out what I can during COVID,” India explained.

India tells of her new appreciation for writing songs and singing as she has been able to work with other musicians during COVID.

Starting at the age of 12, India, was drawn to music and how it can positively impact people.

“I’ve seen how [music] has been able to transform people’s lives and how it’s been able to really lift people out of whatever place they are in emotionally and spiritually,” India explained.

Image (L to R): Jodie, India Dupriez, Elerrina

“You are super talented and your voice is so angelic, actually last time you were in the studio both El and I were crying,” Jodie said.

India explains Pray, was written on her bedroom floor as she wrote down all the bad things that were happening and feeling like all she could do was pray for things to get better.

“I was just writing all these things that were bothering me and I was just writing Pray and I was like this is all I can do at this point,

“All of my pain and sadness in this song it turned into such a beautiful uplifting thing and now whenever I hear that song it symbolizes so much growth and a long journey for me,” India said.

India Dupriez regularly busks at Australia Fair and posts her upcoming gigs to her social media – India Dupriez.

Listen Below:

About the Author: Micaela is a Freelance Writer and a Journalism graduate. Find more of her work at HERE.

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