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Friyay LIVE: Gold Coast Icon Turned International Star Jacob Lee Performs Live In Studio Before Australian/European Tour

By: Taffy Francis

TLDR: Previous X-Factor contestant and Gold Coast local Jacob Lee performs one of two new singles, ‘Don’t Forget Me’ live in studio for all listeners of Juice

Releasing not one, but TWO singles last week, local born hero Jacob Lee gives a snapshot of what he’s been up to, and dazzling El and Jodie with a live performance. Jacob has been doing music his entire life, writing poetry and short stories that organically morphed into lyrics as he discovered a love of singing. 

His lyrical approach to music can be heard right through his songs, and can very much be seen as his talent and comfort zone. Despite only singing in English, Jacob steadily grew a fanbase overseas in Asia, and in particular Europe. So much so, that he planned a European tour in 2020 which … went nowhere, for reasons you can guess for yourself. Jacob unfortunately spent 44 hours in his plane for nothing, touching down in Rome before heading straight back.

Gold Coast will always be home though, no matter where he goes, throughout all his travels, Burleigh has maintained its place as Jacob’s favourite corner on the Earth. During the lockdowns Jacob started up his own home studio, claiming to have created enough content for a potential three whole albums.

His single “Don’t Forget Me’ is one of the fruits grown from the seeds of these efforts, a melancholic ballad emphasising Jacob’s voice and narrative talents. The song is the inner thoughts of a person whose depression has isolated them from the people they love, and how they can counter that to heal and become whole again. The song and interview are available to listen below.

Jacob is throwing around plans to organise an Australian tour again shortly, hopefully pivoting off his new album release in the next month or so. He and his promoters are also still crossing their fingers for the European tour early next year which has been pushed back several times. This time though, they expect to land in Europe guns blazing.

You can find Jacob all over the place on Spotify and Youtube for his music, and Instagram, Twitter, or Discord to connect with his community and news.

Listen here

About the Author: Taffy is a Griffith University Journalism and Communications student and volunteer at Juice 107.3.

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