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Fully Sick Adventures: Cooly Eco Adventures

By Micaela Aboody

TLDR: This weeks Fully Sick adventure took Elerrina and Jodie under the sea to swim with some humpback whales with Cooly Eco Adventures.

Good Taste Brekky’s Fully Sick Adventures segment sees hosts Elerrina and Jodie trying a family-friendly activity on the Gold Coast every week.

Elerrina and Jodie had so much fun swimming with some whales this week for their Fully Sick Adventure with Cooly Eco Adventures.

Starting off the adventure with a bit of whale watching they were told by their tour guide, Lachy, they need to stay with a pod for about 10 -15 mins before trying to enter the water.

“Because you need to build up their trust,” Elerrina explained.

“And let them know that we’re friendly people who just want to get in the water and watch them and observe them,” Jodie said.

Photo: Elerrina and Jodie Swimming with Whales

While being told what they would be looking for and doing, Elerrina was a little disappointed when told she couldn’t pat, ride or even hug the whales.

“That’s all I wanted to do,” Elerrina laughed.

“We’re looking for these little passes of white… and sometimes their black back is so camoflaged it can look like the bottom, but it’s not the bottom it’s a whale passing under us,” Lachy explained.

Elerrina and Jodie explained that’s exactly what happened when Jodie was the first to spot a whale.

“I dove down a little and about 7m away from underneath us and it was this great big mumma whale with white speckles she just cruised under us and her eyes were just looking at us,” Jodie explained.

Elerrina explained it was surreal to be up and close with the whales and even having a baby whale close by.

Photo: Cooly Eco Adventures

“They are such beautiful beautiful creatures and to be in their home was wonderful,” Elerrina said.

They queried whether the whales liked people being in the water with them.

“It’s on the whales terms and if they don’t want to be there they have the whole ocean and they just swim off,” Lachy said.

During the boat ride they noticed a lot of plastic bags in the ocean which can be harmful to all the marine life especially turtles.

“And Lachy stopped the boat and picked up these bags every time we saw one. So, we were cleaning the ocean at the same time,” Jodie said.

Listen Below:

Cooly Eco Adventures
Cooly Eco Adventures Winner

About the Author: Micaela is a Freelance Writer and a Journalism graduate. Find more of her work HERE.

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