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Fully Sick Adventures: Paradise Country

By Micaela Aboody

TLDR: This week’s Fully Sick Adventure had Elerrina and Jodie hanging out with some meerkats at Paradise Country.

Good Taste Brekky’s Fully Sick Adventures segment sees hosts Elerrina and Jodie trying a family-friendly activity on the Gold Coast every week.

This week Elerrina and Jodie enjoyed a little bit of paradise in the country with some cute little meerkats at Paradise Country that had Elerrina in happy tears.

“I got teary, and I think ’cause it’s so surreal and I love them so much and that you’re actually there with them,” Elerrina laughed.

Both Elerrina and Jodie couldn’t get over the fact of how cute the meerkats were and all they wanted to do was cuddle them.

“Cause she [the mother meerkat] is still a bit nervous and when you go to pat her she’ll run away,” Sam, one of the Wildlife Keepers at Paradise Country said.

“They don’t like being cuddled, they just want to sit on you. Particularly on your head,” Jodie said.

Photo: Jodie and Elerrina at Paradise Country

Sam explained they like to eat cockroaches, crickets and meal worms that they get delivered every week.

“We have them in little containers… and we go through about 7 and a half thousand insects a week. We could breed them [the insects] but that’s a very difficult process,” Sam explained.

Elerrina was a little bit fearful by feeding them cockroaches and meal worms but felt sorry for the mother who usually misses out so her babies can be fed first.

“All of a sudden I cared more about the mother, I was like ‘give me those meal worms she needs food stat!'” Elerrina said.

Jodie found she had a favourite named Maliya and had to ask Sam if she had a favourite.

“That’s a tough one but I will have to say Mum, Aya, because she does have a little more character to her. It is hard though they’re all beautiful,” Sam laughed.

Listen Below:

Paradise Country
Paradise Country Winner

About the Author: Micaela is a Freelance Writer and a Journalism graduate. Find more of her work HERE.

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