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Guest Star Dave Gleeson: Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Debut Album All for One

By: Taffy Francis

TLDR: Aussie icons The Screaming Jets are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut album ‘All For One’ with a new tour and a rerecorded album with the current line up.

Dave Gleeson of the Screaming Jets fame is up for a nostalgia charged tour as he’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of All For One, complete with a rerecorded album release with the current line up. With 30 years of retrospective, Dave highlighted Shine On as his favourite track, a song written by bassist Paul Woseen, the only other member to have been continuously playing with Screaming Jets since the beginning in 1989.

More than anything though Dave is happy to be back on the road touring, as during isolation he was put in charge of home schooling, “oh being on the road’s easy cos I’ve been doing it nearly thirty years! … nah I reckon the kids are sick of me anyway! I know the wife is, they can’t wait for me to get back out on the road.”

Being on the road so close to Southport, Dave also said he’d love a chance to make a live studio visit. After isolation he told his manager he never wants to miss another gig in his life, and if offered he’d be there.

Indeed, despite being productive Dave is ecstatic to be out in front of fans again, “there’s been some productive stuff but, none of that stuff you get the big thrill our of people going WE LOVE YOU, and whistling and clapping at you and all that stuff. That’s the kind of stuff you miss and you can’t replicate it.”

While quick to reminisce on the good, there were also some bizarre events in the history of stuff being thrown at a live performers, “the underpants thrown at me is always a little bit unsettling, especially when their blokes aren’t a fan … one guy wanted me to punch him in the mouth, that wasn’t onstage it was backstage, but mate I just wanted to tell people Dave Gleeson punched me in the mouth.”

For what’s certainly going to be an insane tour with antics, tears, and rock and roll, you can have a see for yourself at the Wallaby Hotel, Mudgeeraba on Thursday the 8th of July. For more information click here.

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About the Author: Taffy is a Griffith University Journalism and Communications student and volunteer at Juice 107.3.

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