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Juicey News: Local Organisation Launches Academy for Youth on the Streets

By Micaela Aboody

Walk With Us, an organisation who help people on the streets, launched their Youth Academy on Saturday 19th June.

The Youth Academy Captain, Luke, explained they had always wanted to create a safe place for the youth on the streets.

“To provide the youth with opportunities and a safe environment. So, we want to put them in a safe environment so they can build relationships with good people with good intent,” he said.

The aim of the program is to help youth with different life skills and build relationships with people in a leadership position.

“Budgeting, shopping, hygiene. The difference between us and a lot of other programs is we want to take it away from the classroom environment make it really interactive, where they can get really hands on and enjoy themselves,” Luke said.

To find out more about the program head to Walk With Us.

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About the Author: Micaela is a Freelance Writer and a Journalism graduate. Find more of her work at Scribble About It.

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