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Juicey News: Schools and Healthcare Centres in Papua New Guinea Helped by Local Organisation

By Micaela Aboody

5 years ago, Project Yumi was created to supply resources to local schools and healthcare centres in Papua New Guinea.

Renee, the Founder of Project Yumi, visited her husband’s village in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and was saddened at the scarce resources the students had to use.

Photo: Project Yumi

“When you walk in, I think, the first thing you see is the beautiful smiling faces of the l children, but then you’re hit with the reality, I suppose the inequality and injustices that are being faced by the students,” she said.

With over 200 volunteers, Project Yumi has saved half a million resources from going to landfill and contributed to 71 schools and 15 healthcare centres across Papua New Guinea.

Classroom in Papua New Guinea, Photo: Project Yumi

“Local communities collect the resources we need and we’re collecting school furniture, stationary, used schools shoes, wheelchairs, crutches,” Renee said.

Renee explains that ‘Yumi’ means ‘working together’ and is what she, the volunteers and businesses are doing through this project.

If you would like to contribute, become a pledge partner or to find out more head to Project Yumi.

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About the Author: Micaela is a Freelance Writer and a Journalism graduate. Find more of her work at Scribble About It.

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