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Open House with Stephen O’Doherty

open house

Open House is a three-hour show exploring life, faith and hope from a Christian perspective.

On Open House, any issue is on the table. Open House is exactly that – ‘open’. Stephen believes that every subject is one we ought to be able to analyse from a Christian perspective. You’ll hear perspectives on Open House that you won’t hear on other media; a different way of looking at things.

“We’re aiming to influence the discussions that take place when people listening hear something they might not have thought of, and then have that discussion with the people around them,” says Stephen.

“Anything from the very big moral questions of our time, through to daily politics or home affordability, or any issue that concerns human affairs. We think we deserve to explore what God might think about that, and how we as his people might respond in love towards others, to make the world a better place.”

You can listen to feature interviews on the Open House podcast through iTunes.