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Breakfast with Luke & Susie

6:00am – 9:00am, each weekday

Faith. Family. Culture. That what the Luke & Susie show is all about

Luke and Susie are a unique on-air combination as a husband and wife duo who love to explore the depths of life but equally love to laugh with everything in the belly behind it.

Both Luke and Susie have served as youth ministers in churches before being in radio and together bring a rare ability to talk on-air about faith in an incredibly natural and engaging manner. They weave faith and faith principles through all that they do.

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About Luke & Susie

Luke and Susie Holt are a married couple who have come from unbelievable different backgrounds to form a home and work life together.

Marrying in 2003, Luke and Susie always had hopes of working together since strangely, they actually enjoy each other’s company! Now they are on a national show and podcast. Luke is known by his listeners for his loud and regular belly laugh and his willingness and ability to share that joy. Through his high energy humour and personal stories , Luke makes an impact wherever he speaks. As a public speaker, Susie has an ability to read a crowd and an instinctive ability to tailor a message to meet the needs of a group.

They are parents of three lower primary age boys: Tyson, and twins Toby and Royden.

Luke & Susie Podcast

Luke and Susie explore faith, family, culture in a way that gives us the strength to pursue the extraordinary and while we may never achieve such lofty heights we will settle for nothing less.

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