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Fully Sick Adventures: Gold Coast Helitours

Juice 1073s Good Taste Brekky hosts join Gold Coast Helitours for a luxury joy ride around the Gold Coast.

By Juice 107.3 Network Friday 18 Jun 2021EntertainmentReading Time: 1 minute

By: Benjamin Ruge

TLDR: This week for Fully Sick Adventures, Elerrina and Jodie go on an exciting Helitour ride around the Gold Coast.

Good Taste Brekky has a segment called Fully Sick Adventures, where Elerrina and Jodie explore all around the Gold Coast doing fun family-friendly activities for you.  

This week Elerrina and Jodie joined Gold Coast Helitours Chief Pilot, Scott Menzies, in a luxury helicopter tour all around the Gold Coast.


Gold Coast Helitours began operating almost thirty years ago at Marina Mirage, offering joy rides, VIP charter services, community work such as the SES, heavy lifting, and firefighting, and even do aerial cinematography for the movie industry.

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Elerrina described it as the most beautiful day out for a helicopter joy ride.


“Your knuckles were white from gripping the handles!” Jodie said. “You can’t fall out, there’s doors.”

Elerrina laughs.

Jodie said, “we saw some beautiful marine life, though that may have been when we went over SeaWorld, but Scott took us around the Gold Coast, over the hinterland all the way to Coolangatta, and then back up the ocean shore to Marina Mirage.”

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