Guest Star Country Singer Will Day Performs ‘Countrified’ Live in Studio and Talks New Tour

Country singer Will Day sat live at Juice 107.3 performing 'Countrified' and talking his upcoming national tour.

By Juice 107.3 Network Wednesday 19 May 2021Guests and ArtistsReading Time: 2 minutes

By: Taffy Francis

TLDR: Country singer Will Day sat live performing ‘Countrified’ and talking his upcoming tour.

Every FriYay we love to see local talent, and last week El and Jodie welcomed country rock singer Will Day to finally step up to the plate with his new single ‘Countrified.’

“I kind of wanted to kick into the new year with an energetic country rock track. When I play live with a band it gets sweaty, it gets rocking, and I just love country rock music … I just wanted to start this new year with a bang, and I think we achieved that.”

While Will wants to jump into 2021 with a kick, he’s no stranger to the music world, being a seasoned musician for 15 years and opened for Aussie legends like Shannon Noll, Diesel, and Icehouse.

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Will has heaps planned for the year, with a tour this July being the tip of the iceberg, “Countrified’s out and then I’m going to release another single and then my album release, it’s taken me a while but I’m finally there, and I’m going up on a national tour … I’m very, very excited about that, I love touring, I love working hard on the road, and that’s what it’s all about!”

Will Day will be touring in July which you can keep up with through his socials here:

Listen below

About the Author: Taffy is a Griffith University Journalism and Communications student and volunteer at Juice 107.3