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Interview with Australia’s Pop Princess Delta Goodrem

Juice1073 Good Taste Brekky hosts had the honour of welcoming Australia's pop princess Delta Goodrem to talk all things 'Bridge Over Troubled Dreams'.

By Juice 107.3 Network Friday 21 May 2021Guests and ArtistsReading Time: 3 minutes

By: Benjamin Ruge

TLDR: This week Good Taste Brekky hosts Elerrina and Jodie had the honour of interviewing Delta Goodrem on all things ‘Bridge Over Troubled Dreams’.

This week Good Taste Brekky hosts Elerrina and Jodie had the honour of welcoming Australia’s pop princess Delta Goodrem on the show to talk all things ‘Bridge Over Troubled Dreams’.

Delta just released a book and album titled ‘Bridge Over Troubled Dreams’, as well as upcoming national tour dates.

Elerrina said, “there’s three things, but there’s something missing though, so I made a dance for you to do to ‘Bridge Over Troubled Dreams’ during your concerts.”

Elerrina continues to teach Delta the dance moves over the zoom interview: “Oh I love it!” Delta said.

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“Well, that’s good Delta, because it actually took her a week to figure out those four moves,” Jodie said.

“Now every album will have to have a symbolic dance reference for it, I’m writing that down,” Delta laughs.


Jodie highlights Delta’s many successful skills, such as singer, songwriter, actor and philanthropist, but begs the question of ‘what can’t she do?’.

“There’s plenty of things I can’t do, I just choose not to highlight them. I continue to highlight the things I know,” Delta said. “Singing and song writing, you know, it’s a part of my being.”

‘Bridge Over Troubled Dreams’ is the first book ever that Delta released, and Elerrina asks her what goes into the back story and the process of releasing a book with the album.

Delta replied, “I always loved the album booklet that you would get with a CD, so I thought it would be really special to make an album booklet that became a book on all the stories on the record.

“Writing a song, it’s a succinct three-minute song with one core truth, but branching out into the extra layers is something more tactile that you can take home,” she said. “It’s been a beautiful project to work on.”

Both Elerrina and Jodie discuss how Delta has experienced quite a lot of hardships in her life and asks how she overcame those difficulties.

“The last couple of albums I tried to protect myself metaphorically; I would know what I’m saying but it would be a bit more abstract, so I challenged myself to be a bit more literal on this record,” Delta answered. “I kept rewriting verses so it could be more forward.”

The idea of having that positivity, believing there’s a reason you’re going through it, it’s all about owning your story.”

Delta’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Dreams’ Tour starts October this year, and $1 from every ticket purchase is donated to the Delta Goodrem Foundation.

Elerrina raised the concern that Delta needed a new instrument on her tour and began to play ‘Bridge Over Troubled Dreams’ on the kazoo, which prompted Delta to shift her camera towards her piano and begin to play and sing the song in time with Elerrina on the kazoo.

(Must!) Watch Below: full zoom interview with Delta Goodrem

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