Goodbye Procrastination with Andrew Jobling

Andrew Jobling joins Good Taste Brekky hosts Elerrina and Jodie for Mental Health Monday to provide some motivation to help overcome procrastination.

By Juice 107.3 Network Wednesday 14 Jul 2021Health and WellbeingReading Time: 2 minutes

By: Benjamin Ruge

TLDR: Good Taste Brekky hosts Elerrina & Jodie interviews Andrew Jobling for Mental Health Monday about the negative impact of procrastinating and motivate to stop it.

Mental health is so important, and every Monday Good Taste Brekky hosts Elerrina and Jodie discuss mental health mindsets and how to conquer them with Andrew Jobling.

This week on Mental Health Monday, Elerrina and Jodie talk to Andrew Jobling about the bad habit of putting things off until they become unbearably stressful and try to instil some motivation to start whatever it is now.

Andrew is the author of seven published books and is on a mission to inspire people to ‘live a purposeful life of joyful longevity’. He has a background in AFL football, and 30 years of experience in mindset, motivational speaking, and athlete training (to name a few).

Everyone is guilty of procrastinating. Whether it’s a small daily task, a simple phone call, or something much more, if left unhandled too long, things can become stressful.

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“You sit there, and you think about it and it just spirals,” Andrew said.

“My whole life until about a year ago, anything that was overwhelming I would just leave it, but it just got harder and harder the longer I left it, until a friend had to come over and get me up off the floor and help me do something about it,” Elerrina shared.

“Things never ease off, so now is the only time to do what you need to do, because it keeps going,” Andrew said.

So, if you’ve got a task that you have put off and is causing you stress, start there today, and then tackle the bigger things.

You’ve got this!

Listen below:

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