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Up and At Em: Online Coach Anthony Calligeros Drops More Fitness Advice and Supplement Taste Test

Once more, online coach Anthony Calligeros drops some fitness tips for ordinary people, and lifting the mystery veil on the reviled taste of protein powder.

By Juice 107.3 Network Saturday 29 May 2021Health and WellbeingReading Time: 4 minutes

By: Taffy Francis

TLDR: Once again online coach Anthony Calligeros drops fitness advice and shows off supplements in taste test.

Online fitness coach Anthony Calligeros returned to the studio the other day, showing up brekky hosts Ellerina and Jodie with some tips and tricks for ordinary people, and lifting the mystery veil on the reviled taste of nutrient supplements.

Anthony’s custard salted caramel and vanilla peanut butter shakes sounded suspiciously nice, but first they went over some general questions. One listener was a busy mum, and wanted to know the best exercises she could do in her time frame.

“You wanna try and cover all your bases, strength training, your aerobic training (which is your cardio training as well). As long as you are being active, if you have a gym membership go to the gym, do some resistance training, and some weight strength training,” Anthony said.

“It doesn’t have to be excessive, you don’t have to have a gym membership, you can do things at home. Like strength training could be doing step ups at a bench at a park. Using your own body weight as weight. Go to rebel sport or some sporting good sport and buy some resistance bands … don’t do one or the other, try and do both and cover all bases.”

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Apparently, a while back when her kids were younger, Jodie had gone to a park and done step ups. Now she could look back and laugh at the other parents raising an eyebrow at an ‘overachiever.’

Stories like that seemed common to Anthony, as he had a broad range of clients, not all of whom had gym memberships and came from different backgrounds. He did encourage anyone to get a gym membership to get a better result, but maintained it was unnecessary so long as you were doing something and receiving good nutrition.

On the subject of results, one listener did want to know whether exercising certain muscle groups together was more beneficial.

Anthony fully endorsed this strategy, explaining the PPL (push, pull, legs) routine. Pushing movements with your chest could be coupled with triceps in bench press, the next day could be pulling through back and biceps with chin ups, and the final day working legs, covering the entire body in three days.

Jodie, once again being an overachiever, went to the gym and felt so pumped up she did a full body workout all in one session. Her gains were surely amazing, but unfortunately she could barely move for three days though, so maybe next time take Anthony’s PPL advice.

Other listeners also wanted to cut corners like Jodie and asked whether a hearty soup contained all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

“I guess you’re covering some bases of nutrition, but I wouldn’t live off soup … you’d want to have something hot like soup for dinner. So, look, as long as you’re putting all the necessary protein fats and carbs into a bowl with some water, I guess you could consider that a hearty meal. It’s not something I’d opt to eat for, but I guess you could make it work.”

Instead, Anthony recommended a balanced intake of nutrients all throughout the day, as well as supplements you could take for a maximum of twice a day. He brought to the studio a custard salted caramel flavoured WPC (whey protein concentrate) slow release supplement, which can be taken before bed and steadily releases nutrients.

The other flavour was his signature, vanilla peanut butter, a WPI (whey protein isolate) fast release, designed to be taken straight after a workout to replenish your body quickly.

Ellerina admitted she didn’t like peanut butter, but took a dive anyway and was pleasantly surprised, “oh my gosh I love it! I hate peanut butter, but it is delish!” she said.

Jodie was also surprised to have her opinion on protein powder upturned, “I’ve always hated protein powers, cos I’m like ugh protein and water? But it actually doesn’t taste like water, it tastes like an actual drink!”

Needless to say, our hosts were once again blown away by Anthony’s expert advice, and if you want to get better results from your workouts, or just develop a healthier body, check out Anthony’s Instagram or website.

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About the Author: Taffy is a Griffith University Journalism and Communications student and volunteer at Juice 107.3.