Up and At Em: Online Coach Anthony Calligeros Livens Up The Studio With Fitness Advice

This week for Up & At Em Elerrina and Jodie are joined once again with online coach Anthony Calligeros to talk all things health and fitness. 

By Juice 107.3 Network Monday 28 Jun 2021Health and WellbeingReading Time: 3 minutes

By: Taffy Francis

TLDR: This week for Up & At Em Elerrina and Jodie are joined once again with online coach Anthony Calligeros to talk all things health and fitness. 

Up and At Em is that time of the week when Brekky hosts Elerrina and Jodie try to help us all get motivated, and the other day they were helped by online coach Anthony Calligeros once again to discuss all things health and fitness.

Anthony’s first question of the day came from Michelle. She was just starting her fitness journey, fresh with a new gym membership, and wanted to know the best workouts to start off with. Anthony explained, “you want to start off with things that you’re gonna be able to achieve and setting small goals.

Maybe start with a full body workout where you’re able to hit maybe two exercises on each muscle group. Get used to the feeling of training and then maybe add a little bit of cardio in there as well. Being in a new gym environment can be overwhelming sometimes for a lot of people. So, you know, just go in there ask, learn, and don’t go too hard too fast.”

On the other side of exercise, Anthony had more advice to give about nutrition and what the easiest food was to start off with, “this is where it gets a little more complex and Michelle would probably need some guidance … she should seek help to find out what amount of calories she should start eating, and first and foremost find the amount of protein she needs to be eating as well. Rule of thumb is protein is always first priority, and then after that is making sure you’re hitting your fibre, and having enough carbohydrates and healthy fats.”

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Anthony also acknowledged that Michelle would likely have a free PT session when joining a gym, and encouraged people to seek as much help from experts as they could. As an online coach however, Anthony elaborated on the surprising benefits that can come to help you, “I guess they can slack off more, but it’s always gonna be evident when they check in with me. Like okay we should have seen more of a drop, or we should have seen some more muscle growth, like what’s been happening?

Having an online coach, I think personally, is so much more beneficial cos you’re able to talk to them more than just a half hour PT session a week. They’re gonna be able to take care of everything for you. Training plans, food plans, your cardio plans, your vitamin protocols. Every single thing is taken care of, and you have access to be able to talk to that person. While I’m talking about myself here, with my business I talk to my clients every day.”

The last question came in from John, who asked about low intensity cardio. Anthony quickly came up with a training style called LISS, or low intensity steady state cardio, “is when you have your heart rate at around 120 to 130 beats per minute, and that is your fat burning zone. So, a low intensity cardio workout would be going from like a walk, keeping your heart rate around that, could be on any piece of cardio, it could be swimming, it could be riding a bike, it could be on a rowing machine. Anything like that, but keeping your heart rate within 120 to 130 beats per minute range, which is your prime fat burning zone. Above that is when you go cardiovascular, trying to get fitter.”

Anthony is currently working with a web designer to create a new app, but in the mean time you can catch up with him by sending a message on his Instagram, or you can check out all your nutrition needs at the aliensupps website.

If you have any questions for Anthony, text 0480 091 073 and he will be answering them on Friday during the next Up and At Em!

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About the Author: Taffy is a Griffith University Journalism and Communications student and volunteer at Juice 107.3.