Fully Sick Adventures: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Juice1073s Good Taste Brekky visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to cuddle some koalas and talk all things animals.

By Beth RiversWednesday 19 May 2021Juicey NewsReading Time: 2 minutes

By: Benjamin Ruge

TLDR: This week for Fully Sick Adventures, Elerrina and Jodie explore everything Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and cuddle some Koalas.

Good Taste Brekky has a brand-new segment called Fully Sick Adventures, where Elerrina and Jodie explore all around the Gold Coast doing fun family-friendly activities for you.

This week Elerrina and Jodie visited the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to cuddle some koalas and talk all things animals.

“I think the last time I went there; I was really little, I think I was in primary school,” Elerrina said. “It’s somewhere that you know it’s always there, but it’s not always the first thing to cross your mind when thinking of something to do.”

“But it should be, because they have got so much there, not just for adults, but for kids,” Jodie said. “There’s so many encounters that we didn’t even know about!”

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“We were lucky enough to do one of the encounters,” Elerrina said. “It’s so great just being in there and seeing and hearing everything they do for our beautiful wildlife. But what was even greater was that we got to cuddle some beautiful koalas!”

Koala Keeper Kylie talks about how she has worked at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for eight years and worked with the koalas for six.

“They’re my babies, I love them, I have the best job in the world,” Kylie said. “We have just under 50 koalas that call Currumbin Sanctuary home, with 7 new babies.”

The wildlife hospital at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the busiest hospitals in the world, seeing over 16,000 animals coming through its doors last year, 600 of those being koalas.

“Huge numbers, and it obviously shows how much these guys are in need of some help. We’re a not-for-profit organisation, so all of our work is free of charge. The public bring down animals every day, sometimes 100 per day,” Kylie said.

Kylie reflects on the impact that the severe bushfires had on Australia’s flora and fauna last year.

“A lot of our team worked pretty hard during that time, it was pretty emotional, took a big toll on our team,” Kylie said. “We had a lot of local fires around the Canungra area; it was a pretty tough time for everybody.”

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