Hot Air Balloon Ride with Go Ballooning

Juice 1073s Good Taste Brekky hosts Elerrina and Jodie explore Gold Coast from above during a hot air balloon ride with Go Ballooning.

By Juice 107.3 Network Thursday 8 Jul 2021EntertainmentReading Time: 1 minute

By: Benjamin Ruge

TLDR: This week for Fully Sick Adventures, Elerrina and Jodie went sky high on a hot air balloon flight with Go Ballooning.

Good Taste Brekky has a segment called Fully Sick Adventures, where Elerrina and Jodie explore all around the Gold Coast doing fun family-friendly activities for you.  

This week Elerrina and Jodie went sky high on a hot air balloon flight with Go Ballooning.

Go Ballooning offers hot air balloon flights around the Gold Coast, as a family-owned and operated airline driven by a passion for aviation and adventure.

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They couple this with a vision to make a difference in their local community, which they accomplish by partnering with the McGrath Foundation to “reach new heights for breast awareness” and raise much needed funds to support their breast care nurses.

They donate $10 from all bookings towards the McGrath Foundation.

“You know what, not once in my life did I think going on a hot air balloon would be fun cause I’d never been on one and it looked scary,” Elerrina said. “But, from start to finish I had the best time.”

Pictured: Jodie, Elerrina & Mike (left to right). 

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WATCH the Good Taste Brekky adventure with Go Ballooning!

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