Welcome Annette, New Station Manager at Juice 107.3 - Juice 107.3

Welcome Annette, New Station Manager at Juice 107.3

Let's get to know our new station manager with some questions about opportunities she sees for Christian media, and her favourite spot on the Gold Coast.

By Natalie BennettMonday 10 Jul 2023Station NewsReading Time: 3 minutes

We’re thrilled to welcome Annette McCaslin, our new station manager, to the Juice 107.3 family. And what better way to welcome someone new to the team than with 20 questions.

Upon reflection 20 may have been too many, so we asked Annette six questions instead to find out how she found her way to Juice 107.3, what she loves about the Gold Coast, and how we can be praying for her as she steps into this new chapter?

What attracted you to joining the Juice 107.3 team?

“I’ve been listening to Juice 107.3 since moving to the Gold Coast from Norway in 1998. That was my first experience of a fulltime Christian radio station and the idea of having uplifting music and a positive message shared to a wider audience was super exciting to me,” she said.

“Since then, I have worked with some amazing Christian community organisations and local churches but knowing that Juice 107.3 reaches the whole city with the good news of Jesus is what ultimately inspired me to join the team.

Annette outside Juice 107.3 studios

Day 1, Annette outside Juice 107.3 studios

What did you get up to before joining Juice 107.3?

“I’ve had the privilege to work for Glow church on the Gold Coast for the past seven years. In that time, I have had many different roles including leading Glow Kids, helping start Glow college, pastoral care and community engagement.

“Prior to that my husband and I ran the local Youth With A Mission Centre on the Gold Coast for many years. Through my journey in ministry, I have met so many incredible people while working with inspiring projects and organisations.”

What opportunities do you see for Christian media in this season?

“Today a lot of music is played on streaming platforms, however, one thing they cannot provide is a sense of belonging to a community and a personal connection,” Annette said.

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“In a world where everything is becoming more and more individualistic, having a radio station where we can listen to people who have similar values and belief system as us is becoming more and more important.

“I truly believe that Christian media can bring wonderful hope in a world where there can be so much chaos, negativity, and loneliness.

What do weekends look like in the McCaslin home?

“The weekends are always busy in the McCaslin household. As a family we are all involved with serving at our church either at Friday Youth or during Sunday services.

“Nothing is better than starting a Saturday morning eating waffles for breakfast, spending time with family and friends and ending up with an early night in, all rugged up watching a movie.

Annette and Husband

Annette with husband Darcy.

I would finally like to say a massive thank you for trusting me with this amazing opportunity. I truly look forward to this journey ahead with each and everyone of you. Hugs, Annette

Favourite location on the Gold Coast?

“My husband will probably tell you that my favourite location must be the shopping centre… haha… but there is nothing more refreshing than taking my cute dog Bruno for a walk on one of Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches,” she said.

How can we pray for you as you step into this new chapter?

“There is so much to learn since I have not worked in the media industry before. Luckily, I have the AMAZING team to back me, but please pray that all the things that are important for me to understand will come easily.

“I would also love if you could partner with me in praying for Juice 107.3 and the Gold Coast. Juice has had a long history as a Christian radio station… I have faith that in the near future Juice 107.3 will be a station that has a positive impact and influence in the wider community while sharing the hope and love of Jesus.

“I would finally like to say a massive thank you for trusting me with this amazing opportunity. I truly look forward to this journey ahead with each and everyone of you. Hugs,” – Annette