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Juice1073 – About Us

Welcome to the Gold Coast’s Good Taste radio station

Juice1073 is proud to be a Community Radio Station operated by the Christian community to provide Good Taste Radio for the Gold Coast!

In an environment where most radio stations are run out of distant cities for the profit of nameless shareholders with little connection or concern for the local community and even less appreciation of the values of Aussie families, to say Juice1073 is different would be an understatement!

“Owned” and operated by the locals, Juice1073 exists solely for the benefit of our local community.   We provide local families with the best available programming, local information and music, all backed with a Good Taste Guarantee so the whole family can enjoy quality radio without any awkward moments.  And all this is made possible by the support and dedication of local families and businesses who contribute to provide our community with a better alternative on their radio dial.

The good news for Gold Coast families is that there is choice on their radio dial – and we are proud to be part of an unprecedented shift that is underway in radio listening here in this city.

Still reading and wondering what it actually means to be a “Community Station” operated by the “Christian community”?!

Glad you asked, because this goes right to the heart of why Juice1073 is so different to everything else on your radio dial!  Let’s break it down:

First, the “Community” bit means that we’re a registered non-profit, which makes Juice very different to most of what you’ll find on your radio dial.

For a start, it means that our listeners are not a ‘product’ that we sell to benefit shareholders.  Instead, many of our listeners are also Members, Volunteers and Financial supporters who contribute to make Juice1073 possible to benefit everyone else.  We love our listeners and are proud to be part of the difference they’re making for our city, and every dollar we make is used for that purpose!

Next, the “Christian” part means that we are proudly and passionately committed to pursuing what it means to be authentically Christian.  While expressions of Christianity and Church today are incredibly diverse, Juice1073 is committed to representing the things we all agree on, which include:

Our Mission is to mobilise our community around the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.   There are lots of religious traditions, but at the end of the day Christianity is about following the person Jesus Christ, who sparked a revolution by teaching such controversial ideas as that God wants us to love our enemies and uphold the cause of the poor and marginalised, that we are all created in the image of God, of course that the definition of love is to lay down your life for another person… which is exactly what He did!  We find His teachings challenging, but also incredibly powerful as they continue to change lives in wonderful and unexpected ways.

We value Inclusiveness.  It’s difficult to follow Christ for long without being confronted by the realisation that He went out of His way to hang out with all the people He wasn’t supposed to.  Thieves, liars, prostitutes, social outcasts… He destroyed the religious systems that were designed to exclude them and instead demonstrated that we are all on equal footing before God and suggesting that we should start acting like it.  The religious people didn’t like this (they killed him for it!), but Archbishop William Temple said it well “The Church is unique as an organisation that exists solely for the benefit of its non-members”.   Perhaps for this reason it shouldn’t surprise us that the more ‘Christian’ we have sought to become, the more diverse our audience becomes.  We remain very strongly connected to our Christian community, but more than 60% of Juice listeners don’t go to Church!

More to come, but I hope this has started to give you a clearer picture of who we are!


Welcome to the Juice1073 community – we hope you like it here!

Hayden – Juice CEO