Ensuring Hope for Tomorrow Across the Gold Coast and Beyond - Juice 107.3

Ensuring Hope for Tomorrow Across the Gold Coast and Beyond

To keep a vital voice of hope resonating throughout our city and the world takes a united effort – an effort that will reap great reward for you, your family, friends and the communities you live and work in, in this challenging time in history.

“Keep encouraging and spreading God’s love and truth, and bringing a sense of community to all”

Your generosity today will mean more people in your Juice 107.3 family can live with hope-filled music and messages – hope brings people together like nothing else can.

“Like a gym membership it will keep not only us but others ‘healthy’ in their mind and soul as they fill up each day with God’s Word through conversation and music provided by the station – as well as the testimony of other listeners of the hope that is found through this ministry”.  – Juice 107.3 Supporter

Support Your Juice 107.3

Make today your day to Build Hope

There is hope for a better day tomorrow, for a better future for your family, your friends, your neighbourhood. Hope for a world in which love overcomes fear – and people are not divided but instead unite.

FAQ: Juice 107.3 and Fundraising

Why We Fundraise

Why are you asking for money?

Juice 107.3 is a not-for-profit, community funded media organisation sharing messages of hope daily on radio, online and via social media. We only exist, and continue to be able to be here, because of the amazing generosity of people just like you — our listeners, our readers, our viewers and our social media followers!

Who We Are

How many people listen to Juice 107.3?

Around 100,000 people listen to Juice 107.3 every month!

What is the mission of Juice 107.3?

To impact people with experiences of God’s love so that they may become more like Christ and the world more like the Kingdom.

Read our full Mission Vision.

Is Juice 107.3 a commercial radio station?

No, Juice 107.3 belongs to a non-profit organisation called Juice Media Limited, that relies on the community and listeners to support its operation.

You can find more under About us and Support Juice 107.3.

Who runs Juice 107.3?

Juice Media Limited — a non-profit organisation — owns and manages Juice 107.3.

A Board of Directors provides governance and strategic direction while a team of dedicated staff look after the day-to-day operations.

Is Juice 107.3 associated with a particular Christian denomination?

No, there is no affiliation with any particular denomination.

Taking Donations and Online Security

Is my donation tax-deductable?

Yes, Juice Media Limited is an Australian Taxation Office-endorsed ‘deductible gift recipient’ (DGR).

Any donations of $2 or more made by Australian residents to our organisation are tax-deductible.

Is it safe to make a donation online?

Yes, it is.

Juice 107.3 uses SecurePay’s Internet Payment Gateway to provide a secure environment for the authorisation of credit card transactions over the Internet. Confidential information including your card details are encrypted the moment they are transmitted from your browser to the banking network using industry standard SSL 128-bit RC4 encryption technology.

Credit card details are not stored anywhere online, and the only company who has access to this data is the merchant’s bank. The bank also sends confirmation information via the same encryption technology back to your browser. These secure processes provide you with peace of mind when purchasing online.

If I don’t want to donate online, what are my other payment options?

You can make a credit card donation during business hours by phone on 07 5636 4988 (or 07 5571 0738 during our on-air appeal hours).

Juice 107.3 Bank Deposit Details

Please reference your surname and your supporter reference number.
(You can contact the Juice 107.3 studios to obtain your reference number)

Bank: Bendigo Bank
Account Name: Juice Media Limited
BSB Number: 633-000
Account Number: 172 206 518

Direct Debit

To give via direct debit, please contact the Juice 107.3 studios on 07 5571 0738 or email the team at [email protected] We will send you a form to fill in your bank account information.


Please make payable to ‘Juice Media Limited’ or ‘Juice 107.3’ and post to:

Juice 107.3
PO Box 8713
Gold Coast MC QLD 9726

I’m an existing Juice 107.3 monthly partner. How do I change or update my details?

You can update your details, including credit card information, by contacting the Juice 107.3 studios on 07 5571 0738 or email the team at [email protected]

Donate securely online to strengthen the voice of hope for you and your loved ones

To speak to one of our friendly staff or volunteers taking donations over the phone:

07 5571 0738

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

Thank you for your support to help more people experience God’s love when they need it most.

“I love the fact that there is a radio station with awesome music, and with all the values and messages of Jesus and God . With so many helpful life messages of hope, love, compassion and so much more. Well done guys. Happy to support such an amazing station.” – Alex, Juice 107.3 Supporter

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