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Stories of Hope

How your support of Juice 107.3 is impacting lives across the Gold Coast... Share your stories of hope today!

By Natalie BennettWednesday 1 Jun 2022Station NewsReading Time: 5 minutes

These are your Stories of Hope, the impact your Juice 107.3 is having on lives across the Gold Coast. We hope you are encouraged, inspired, and reminded of just how much God loves this city.

If you’d like to share your Story of Hope please contact the Juice 107.3 Team today.

“I donated as I value Juice 107.3 and what it means to the community. You bring a positive message of hope and uplifting music. Thank you!”

– Andrea

“I love having a child friendly radio station that sends out a positive message.
I am changing my mindframe to be more positive everyday and I feel if you can touch just one person and change their mind frame to be more positive, what an amazing community we will have!”

– Jessica

“It’s so encouraging to have a positive Christian radio station on the air. It brings me joy daily.”

– Bek

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“Been listening to [Juice 107.3] for years and hope to continue, great selection of Christian music which brings me joy when I’m listening in the car. [Juice 107.2 has] great inspirational messages which I often use as discussion points with my sons when they are in the car with me.”

– Chris

“The Gold Coast needs the love of God for all of us and Juice 107.3 provides that every day to all of the listeners. A lot more people need to know about it so they can listen too.”

– Warren

“What a great thing it is to partner together in sharing God’s love with the Gold Coast. I’ve loved hearing stories where the station made a difference to [a listeners] life when he needed it.”

– Debra

“In this day and age of change and uncertainty, our sure hope, in the gospel of hope is needed to be heard more than ever. Thank you for your dedication and work in furthering this important message.”

– Pa

“This radio truely helps when you are maybe in need of some positive encouragement. Who knows when someone is driving and in a difficult situation in life and a message comes across the airwaves that really speaks to you and honestly helps you through right there and then. It can be and has been for me a hand on the shoulder saying, …its going to be ok.”

– Tara 

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Make today your day to Unite in Hope

There is hope for a better day tomorrow, for a better future for your family, your friends, your neighbourhood. Hope for a world in which love overcomes fear – and people are not divided but instead unite.

“I have found in this community, so much joy, so much laughter, many tears and a bunch of people that truly make me feel like I am not alone, that I am not isolated, that I have worth and that people really do love me for me. I am very thankful to have a station that gives me so much love and I really just wanted to say thank you.”

– Angela

“There are a lot of serious sides of a Christian station where they are offering that deeper sense of hope but I think that there is also that lighter side where there is just the fun things like the Luke and Susie show where you can have some fun, you can hear some fun things without some of the carry on that you get on other stations. That’s the kind of thing I appreciate is to not only hear maybe a bit of teaching, not only to hear Christian music, but also that entertainment where is can be good, it can be clean and it can still be fun as well.”

– Brian

“I love the fact that there is a radio station with awesome music, and with all the values and messages of Jesus and God . With so many helpful life messages of hope, love, compassion and so much more. Well done guys. Happy to support such an amazing station.” – Alex, Juice 107.3 Supporter

“I just love the sense of community this station gives everybody. You don’t find a radio station that cares about it’s listeners as much as you guys do. You guys have saved my life.”

– Caroline

“I think for me it’s the words of life that are spoken. So even when the music has been playing it’s always something that is going to bring you hope and joy and love and I just find that so beautiful. When I’m in the car and I have had a bad day there is always just life being spoken into us through the radio station.”

– Jess

“The difference it has made has been quiet a bit. With my anxiety I listen to the station on a daily basis and it just helps me put my mind at ease to go through my day with happiness and joy.” – Ella

“Listening to the station has actually brought me a great time of communion just between God and myself because I can only listen to the station when I am travelling and when I travel once a fortnight to see a specialist. On that journey I listen to the station and that’s how I found Luke & Susie. The humor, the fun, the love it’s infectious, its contagious but it’s warmth, its embracing and whilst I am only new in the community I can feel so much of the love that you just don’t get where you should in your Christian walk.”

– Debbie

“I love listening to Juice FM and have been a listener for a couple of years now. I love having it on all day while driving and love how I don’t have to change the channel once the kids come into the car.”

– Kriti

“It’s great to hear a radio station that shares a life message and speaking from the heart as Christian family. I’m from Brisbane and glad to have a radio to tune in to when I’m in the area passing through or camping and I want the station to stay.”

– Freddy

“It’s such a great radio station with such a positive and caring vision. I love the radio hosts and especially the message of love, support and compassion that they share on a daily basis.
I find everything about the radio station very inspiring and I hope that my donation can really help people in need, through these very challenging times we are facing. I want people to know that the community cares and that they are not alone.”

– Anonymous

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Make today your day to Unite in Hope

There is hope for a better day tomorrow, for a better future for your family, your friends, your neighbourhood. Hope for a world in which love overcomes fear – and people are not divided but instead unite.