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6 Creative Ways to Keep Romance Alive

Yes! In your relationship, you too can be creative. Joanne shares, in no particular order, her top tips from years of relationship counselling.

By Juice 107.3 Network Wednesday 6 Sep 2023RelationshipsReading Time: 2 minutes

Relationship expert and neuropsychotherapist Joanne Wilson shares six fun-tastic (and love-filled) activities to get your creative juices flowing as a dynamic duo.

Yes, in your relationship, you too can be creative. Joanne shares, in no particular order, her top tips from years of relationship counselling…

1. Legacy

How can you incorporate some family traditions into impacting generations? Think about your heritage. We can take the good parts of our family heritage and pass it on to our children. What are the beautiful creative aspects of your family?

2. Get creative in the real physical sense

Colour by numbers, painting, do puzzles, create ceramic pottery, anything together where you’re creating something.

3. Get creative with a new hobby

No matter how many years you’ve been together, go and look up all the amazing events here, or even on the Sunshine Coast or all over. Wherever you are, make sure that you find something to do together.

4. Come up with an unexpected creative surprise.

“I love this when we talk in the counseling room about organising dates,” Joanne said. “Don’t always leave it up to the blokes.”

Take turns and maybe surprise your partner. Maybe it’s something that you might like, and then next month that they can create a little date idea that they might like but try and come up with a little surprise.

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5. Curate your daily routine

Small daily gestures are a huge part of the foundation of a relationship. It’s not just the big grand romantic plans, but it’s more about the daily routines that can just make sure that your partner knows that you can count on them.

6. Create and learn together about each other

“Come up with a game. I love to give my clients my question cards. There are intimacy cards. There’re all sorts of amazing thought-provoking cards… the Happiness Project has a little board game,” Joanne suggests.

“Why not build your love map by ensuring that you deepen your connection by learning about each other? You’ll be surprised at what you don’t know. Ask them what is something that they regret? What is something that they wish that they could learn? The mind boggles with all the things that you probably don’t know about your partners.”

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